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Sleek silhouette

BYD SEAL’s body lines are sleek and athletic. With ergonomic sports seats made of vegan leather and heated, adjustable front seats will make every driving experience unforgettable.

Blade Battery

Available with a highly efficient Blade Battery - Charging at high power charged from 30% to 80%! can charge the battery in 28 minutes. With a DC charger of 150 kW

Safety & Driving Assistance

There is an abundance of safety and advanced driver assistance features as standard equipment in BYD SEAL U. All models feature Forward Collision Warning, Automatic Emergency Braking, Rear Collision Warning, and so much more..

SEAL Specifications

Range WLTP (combined)


BYD SEAL U (D-Segment SUV) combines stylish aesthetics and high-tech intelligent experiences with high levels of safety, comfort and practicality.


High power charging

Safe & Comfort

High levels of safety, comfort & practicality : Blade Battery, range up to 500 km (WLTP mix)

Charging at high power charged from 30% to 80%! Can charge the battery in 28 minutes with a DC charger of 150 kW

Stylish design designed by Wolfgang Egger, who has also worked for Alfa Romeo and Audi.

The BYD SEAL U also benefits from the ground-breaking Blade Battery

The world's leading manufacturer of New Energy Vehicles (NEVs) and power batteries, equipped his models with the cutting-edge e-platform 3.0, providing a perfect balance of safety, intelligence, efficiency, and aesthetics. It is powered by the ultra-safe Blade Battery, which has undergone rigorous testing, ensuring top-notch safety and reliability.

  BYD's world-first mass-produced 8-in-1 electric powertrain system, offering unparalleled energy efficiency, safety, and space utilization. Additionally, the high-efficiency heat pump system comes as standard, maximizing thermal efficiency and extending the low-temperature driving range, making the BYD a truly exceptional EV for every journey.


5,9 sec

0-100 accaleration

180 km/h

Top speed (km/h)

700 NM


230 kW


82 kWh



Price : € 42 740

Coming soon

420 km Range WLTP

71.8 kWh Battery capacity

28 min DC Charge 
SOC 30%-80%

175 km Top Speed


Price : € 45 740

Coming soon

500 km Range WLTP

87 kWh Battery capacity

29 min DC Charge 
SOC 30%-80%

175 km Top Speed

SEAL U Models

Available this summer

420/500 km


28 min

DC Charge SOC 30%-80%

€ 42 740

Starting price incl. VAT

71 - 87 kWh

Battery capacity

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